New Baby Package

Feel confident that you’re welcoming your new baby into an environment that’s safe, clean and protected. Our New Baby Package uses a natural, harmless formula that effectively removes all nasty bugs, allergens and dirt from your carpets, with the simultaneous application of a protective treatment to help prevent damage by those unforeseeable little incidents. Relax knowing you’re bringing your baby back to a healthier and cleaner home.

What's Included?

As part of the New Baby Package we will:

  • Apply a sterilizing agent to the living room and baby’s room, because you’ll be together here most.  The formulas used during this service kill MRSA and other unpleasant bugs and germs.

  • Thorough deep clean of both carpets by removing as much grit, soil and stains as we possibly can including nasty allergens and bugs.

  • Apply a carpet protection treatment to both carpets, allowing you to remove those little accidents as soon as they happen, which will reduce and prevent staining.

Key Benefits

  • Only harmless and natural formulas are used during this service – so no harsh substances.

  • A carpet which has been superbly cleaned for your baby to spend time on.

  • An intense, thorough clean to wipe out bugs and bacteria.

  • Carpet Protect application, helping the clean-up of little accidents.

Areas We Cover

  • Hendon

  • Mill Hill

  • Edgeware

  • Stanmore

  • Northwood

  • Bushey

  • Finchley

  • Golders Green

  • Hampstead

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