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How to get stains out of your carpet

The occasional stain is a regular occurrence in most households. A stained carpet can make your home look dirty even if everything else is sparkling clean, so here are some basic tips on how to clean carpet stains to keep your carpet in great condition.

The number one rule of treating a carpet stain

Blot, never rub. This should be your mantra when treating a carpet stain. Rubbing can actually make the stain worse by pushing it deeper into the fibres. So, ensure you blot gently but firmly into the area until it’s nearly dry.

We recommend using a white tea towel or kitchen roll. It’s easier to see when the stain stops pulling from the surface area. It will ensure no colour transfers from the tea towel onto the carpet.

For general stains from food, drinks and other substances create your own stain remover by combining warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid in a bottle and spray onto the stain. Remember, blot don't rub!

Once the as much of the stain as possible has been removed leave to dry. However, if the stain hasn't come out you might need to treat the stain further.

More stubborn stains

For more stubborn stains you may need to use a professional cleaning product. It's important to use a quality stain remover. You can choose a stain remover from your supermarket, however, we're so proud of our stain removing abilities we're offering free bottles of our professional stain cleaner. Claim yours here.

Follow our blog for more specific ‘how to’ cleaning advice. Next week we’re telling you how to get red wine out of your carpet or sofa.

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