Newstead’s Cleaning Services offers a professional upholstery cleaning service in Hendon, Mill Hill, Bushey, Finchley, Edgeware, Golders Green, Hampstead, Northwood, Stanmore and many more locations. Removing stains and odours, our local upholstery cleaning service can rejuvenate your furniture to a ‘like new’ condition. Our extensive knowledge of cleaning methods and products, combined with a passion for high-quality service make us the number one choice for your sofa, chair and upholstery cleaning needs.

Our Process Of Upholstery Cleaning

  • Before cleaning, upholstery is moved onto water-proof sheets to prevent your floor from getting wet

  • Upholstery is vacuumed to remove loose soil, grit, hair and fluff

  • Stains and spots are treated to remove all major stains and spillages

  • Upholstery is treated with a high-powered detergent to dissolve dirt

  • A specialist upholstery brush is used to ensure detergent is worked deep into the fiber's thoroughly dissolving all the dirt

  • Our high-powered machine is used to extract all the dirt from the upholstery. At the same time, the machine pumps a hot cleaning solution which helps remove dirt and rinses away any residue left from previous cleaning products.

  • An upholstery protector is applied

  • A turbo dryer is then used to rapidly increase drying time

Upholstery Cleaning For Your Business

In commercial settings, upholstery can often be a focal point in your public facing reception areas, where first impressions count. Upholstery cleaning can make a big difference to these public areas of your office. At Newstead’s cleaning services we can clean your sofas, chairs and upholstery furniture to a ‘like new’ standard ensuring your business is given the professional appearance it deserves.


We understand that you never get a second chance to make a good impression, that’s why at Newstead’s Cleaning Services we make sure your business upholstery is hygienically clean and as stain free as possible while maintaining little to no disruption to your office.

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